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With Hope for the Future

I’m sitting in Napili, Maui right now.  Sitting in my family’s condo.  I’m in my second year of college at Northern Arizona University after having transferred there with an Associate’s degree in Business Administration from Cochise College.  I’ve been struggling with a major pretty much since I began college classes.

I was a marketing major up until this last semester. Yup, made it all the way to my junior year of the business program.  Notice how I said, “was”?  Yeah.  That’s because I couldn’t make it through one damn class.  One damn class.  Finance 311.  After trying it twice, from two different teachers, I am throwing in the towel.  This class is, unfortunately, required for a marketing degree.

So screw it.  I’m done with business.  Didn’t really fit in anyway.  All those bros from rich families that wanted nothing to do with me.  I quit.

I’m not sure what to go into though.  I am juggling the ideas of pursuing a degree in Journalism, Advertising, or Graphic Design.  My Aunt Kristen suggested I start a blog so that I could toy with writing something every day.

So here I am.  A new blog on WordPress and a glimmer of hope for what I may have an aptitude for as a career.

What will I write about?  I’m not sure yet.  Maybe this will be a journal, personal or critical.  Maybe this will have stories (by the way I very much enjoy writing fiction and have since I was little).  Probably it will consist of all three.

So I make a toast of POG to this new endeavor.  We’ll see where this goes.  Wish me luck.

With hope for the future.