Classes Cancelled!

Well, it’s week two of the semester.  So far classes are going all right and–aside from the ever fun-and-challenging Chinese–they’re looking to be pretty boring.

Two of my classes got cancelled today, so I woke up late with some extra time to finally get a new entry in.

I’ve essentially settled on Journalism as my new major.  Advertising just doesn’t suit my personality.  And not to seem like some kind of anti-capitalist, picketing hippie, but I really just don’t fit in with the whole “profitability is everything!” mentality that goes with everything business directly touches.

I know that money is important and profitability should be pursued.  I know that that is what gave our country the greatest economy in recorded history, but I personally would rather live a decent, happy life with just enough to not ever worry about my family’s finances… I don’t even want to be the next Warren Buffet.  That’s all the business major (and related majors like Advertising) seem to dream about.  I need something different to dream about.

Watching the Newsroom admittedly did get me very interested in the idea of being a journalist.  Watching the stories unfold and how the news was made has enthralled me for the past year or so since I began watching the series.  I want to be a part of that.  I want to be the media, but do it with integrity, just as those in the TV show do it.

I love writing, I’m naturally inquisitive, and I hate to get a story wrong.  I want to be a journalist that can take these three traits and develop them into a career.

Is all this just the naivete of the youthful years I am supposed to be growing out of?  Maybe.  I’m not going to let myself let go of this just because I know I’m probably being idealistic.  I’ve settled on what is more “realistic” before and it got me to the junior year of a degree I hated.  I need a little idealism to take me somewhere I actually want to go.

Anyway, it’s about time for me to head out to my next class.

Hopefully my entries get a little more regular from here on out…




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